Monday, March 4, 2013

Kayla's Quiet Book

I love how bright and colorful today's quiet book is! It was made by Kayla of Double Tha Love, and I love that the colors of the cover match with the pages inside the book. My favorite page is probably her rainbow page - it's such a neat idea. She also has a Hello Kitty page, which is really unique and fun. So, enjoy!


What's your name? Describe yourself in one sentence.
My name is Kayla, I'm a busy mom of twin boys who loves anything DIY, and also runs my own blog design shop!

Who did you make this quiet book for? 
I made this quiet book for my 2 year old niece, Myah!

What's your level of sewing experience? 
Not beginner, but not intermediate :/

How long did it take you?
It took me probably close to 30+ hours all together, and it took me about 3 months to finish.

Did you use any templates? 
I didn't use any template, I just looked for ideas online and mimicked them! A lot of my pages were just random, thought up pages.

How did you bind your quiet book? 
I used metal rings that were attached to a spine of the cover to hold it all together. Each page had 2 metal hoops that I attached in them which slipped onto the metal rings on the spine.

What material are the pages made out of? 
I used all felt so I didnt have to worry about fraying ends!

What other materials did you use? 
Buttons, a zipper, a lock and key, pipe cleaner, snaps, velcro, and thread. I also added a notepad and crayons to one of the pages.

How much did all the supplies cost you? 
I didn't keep track! But I would think somewhere in the ball park of $20. Most of the supplies I had on hand, I thrifted all of the velcro, snaps, thread, zipper, and the rest I purchased from the dollar store! Frugal was my aim :)

What's your favorite page? Why? 
I have two favorite pages, and this is why: the Hello Kitty page was specially made for my niece because she is completely obsessed with Hello Kitty, so A LOT of love went into that page dreaming it up and creating it! BUT, that being said, I think the rainbow page was my favorite because it had the most detail. I would not, however, create that page ever again and HIGHLY suggest that if you create that page, that you have a ton of patience!

To view Kayla's quiet book on her blog, click here. Thank you for sharing your awesome quiet book with us, Kayla!

Have you made a quiet book that you'd like to share? Click here to learn how to submit your own quiet book!


  1. The Hello Kitty page is ADORABLE!!!

  2. gorgeous :)

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