Monday, November 17, 2014

Dolores's Quiet Book

Today's quiet book was shared with me in unique circumstances. I was contacted by Gerd from South Africa, who had found this quiet book in a charity shop.The last page in the book lists the contact information of a woman named Dolores, who made the book. Gerd was able to get in contact with her family, and found out that Dolores passed away in January of this year, at the age of 95.

According to Dolores's obituary, she "...was born April 22, 1918 in Shelby, Ohio, the daughter of the late Joseph and Gertrude (Tome) Heiland. As a homemaker, Dolores was an excellent baker and cook. Known as the “cake lady,” she baked and decorated thousands of cakes for graduations, birthdays and many other occasions for many area families. She also loved doing crafts and needlepoints and cherished time with her children and grandchildren."

Thank you to all the women who share their love and brighten the lives of their families by sharing their talents with them. I hope you enjoy Dolores's quiet book. :)

"What time is it?"
"Make my face" and "Ring the bell"
"I can count numbers up to ten"
"Shape my nose" and "Lace the shoe"
"Button my shirt" and "Find the rabbit"
"Open the barn door" and "Hide the acorns"
"Match the colors" and "Peel the banana"
"Braid my hair" and "What's inside?"
"Snap me on my shapes" and "Overhaul the tractor"
"Tie my bow" and "Surprise!"


  1. Dear Jocelyn
    Thank you so much - Really appreciate your effort - Regards - Gerd

  2. I have the book that these quiet book pages came from. It is a book on how to make a ABC book for children with patterns. I cant even remember where I got it from.