Monday, September 8, 2014

Tiffany's Twins' Quiet Books

This week I have a treat for you. :) I have a whole bunch of adorable quiet books to share with you from Tiffany of the blog Always Sewin' Somethin!, some of them books she made as gifts and some of them available in her Always Sewin' Somethin! Etsy shop.

The two books I get to share with you tonight are the first two quiet books she made; a set of matching books for her twin boys. Each book is unique, but they go together. I love her quilted covers - so cute, and they look so fun to touch! If we had those books at my house, I think I'd spend the most time just feeling the covers' texture, haha. :) They also have awesome velcro name pages, a shape matching page, a barn with finger puppets and a house with pictures of each boy, a bead counting page, a rice "I Spy" page, a seasons tree, a rocket ship, a counting/fishing page, and a robot. The books look super entertaining and very well made. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more of Tiffany's books later this week!

What's your name? Describe yourself in one sentence.
Tiffany; I am a stay-at-home mom to twin boys and I love to sew whenever I get some free time. 

Who did you make this quiet book for? How old are they?
I made these two books for my twin boys when they were about 16 months old.  I wanted something to keep them busy during church.

What's your level of sewing experience?
Probably intermediate.

How long did it take you?
I didn't keep track for these particular books, but I'm guessing about 20 hours spread over a couple of hours a day for a few weeks.

Did you use any templates? Where can they be found?
The barn page came from here: Homemade by Jill.  
The tree page was from Serving Pink Lemonade, but now it's part of her book so it's not available for free anymore. 
Most of the other pages were inspired by things I found online (mostly Pinterest).  I have included links for all of these in my blog post.

How did you bind your quiet book?
2 Metal Key Rings and a hole punch

What material are the pages made out of?
Pellon Extra Firm Interfacing

What other materials did you use?
Felt, sew-on velcro, zippers, ribbon, beads, packing tape (to make the "vinyl" on the I-Spy page), random buttons and stickers for the I-Spy page, rice, magnets, elastic, and more buttons.

How much did all the supplies cost you?
Since these were my first quiet books, I didn't have a lot of the supplies on hand.  I probably spent $20-$30 on supplies, but then only used a little bit of each thing.

What's your favorite page? Why?
I think if you had asked me that question a year or two ago when I first made them, I probably would have said either the barn page or the I-Spy page.  But now that we've been playing with them for so long, I think the house page is my favorite.  My boys can talk now and it's so cute to watch them open the little doors/windows and say "Hi Jaxson," Or "Hi Bronx."  Plus, it's a fun way to see how much they have grown since then.

To see these two quiet books on Tiffany's own blog, with more pictures and a lot more explanation, click here: Always Sewin' Somethin!: Quiet Books. To see Tiffany's Etsy shop where she sells quiet books click here: Always Sewin' Somethin! on Etsy. Thanks so much for sharing these quiet books with us, Tiffany!

Have you made a quiet book that you'd like to share? Click here for instructions on how to submit your own quiet book!

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  1. I love these pages and especially the tactile front covers. Lucky twins!
    Tactile fabrics mean so much more for children with little or no vision too and so often, these books are made with the same textured fabrics.
    Obviously and happily, the children they are made for have sight !
    I devise and make tactile items like these for children with impaired vision and adding suitably textured fabrics make any resource more interesting for all children of course.
    I adore this blog as its so lovely to see so many folks make such wonderful Books for their littlies
    Well done all of you :)