Tuesday, December 2, 2014

100th Post - and Stitch People Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I have something exciting to tell you - this is the 100th post on the Quiet Book Blog! Thank you to everyone who has shared their quiet book on the blog over the last couple of years; everyone's awesome books have made a truly wonderful collection of ideas and inspiration.

Today, for the 100th post, I wanted to share with you Stitch People.  Once upon a time, my friend Lizzy started this amazing company where she creates custom cross-stitch family portraits.

Each family portrait is completely customized to your family. Here are some of the portraits she's done:

She also does wedding portraits and pet portraits. Something else she offers on her website (and this is what I think you guys will especially like, since you're crafty) is a Do-It-Yourself Stitch People Book.

The description on her website for the DIY Stitch People Book is this:

"Do - It - Yourself Stitch People Book: Instructions & Patterns for Designing and Stitching Your Very Own Stitch People Portrait.

Order the Stitch People DIY "bible" filled with over 500,000 cross-stitch pattern combinations! Includes designs and patterns for hairstyles, clothing, and dogs and cats of many breeds, as well as color suggestions, illustrations and examples to help make your cross-stitch family portrait look just right!

The physical book is 8.5"W x 11"H, and spiral bound for easy use. The E-Book and physical book are identical."

This book is awesome. Just check out a couple of the pages inside that help you stitch your own family portrait:

To see or order the DIY Stitch People Book on the Stitch People website, click here:  Do-It-Yourself Stitch People Book: Instructions & Patterns for Designing and Stitching Your Very Own Stitch People Portrait.

Now, I wanted to tell you about Stitch People this week because they're having a holiday giveaway! You could win a cross stitch starter kit and the DIY Stitch People Book. Here's what you have to do:

Stitch People Holiday Giveaway
Free Cross Stitch Starter Kit & DIY Stitch People Book

1. Sign Up for the Stitch People Email Newsletter at StitchPeople.com
2. Like Stitch People on Facebook! Facebook.com/StitchPeople
3. Follow Stitch People on Instagram (@StitchPeople)

You can also share the giveaway on Facebook or Instagram for more entries - the more times you share, the more entries you'll get!  The giveaway ends Sunday, December 8th at 11:59pm MST, and the winner will be announced Monday, December 9th.

To just go browse over on the Stitch People website, check out these pages:
Custom Cross-Stitch Portraits
Custom Family Portrait Patterns
Do-It-Yourself Stitch People Book

 I hope you're all having a great week, and I hope you enjoy checking out Stitch People!

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  1. wooo Hooo.. what a great giveaway..
    I love the cross stitch charts.... and standing a chance to win it.. have done the above as needed to enter.
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