Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Valina's Quiet Book

Today's quiet book comes to us all the way from the Czech Republic. Valina made this adorable book for her toddler daughter Sara. I love all of the pages she has, and especially love the little embroidery details that make each of her pages unique. It looks well-made to withstand the hands of a toddler, and each page looks so fun!

To summarize the video: Valina opens up the cover (which is closed with two felt straps and velcro) to a cute apple tree page and a puzzle page, where you can mix and match animal fronts and backs. The next page is a garden page with a cute embroidered worm and vegetables you can pull out of the ground and put in a bag. Across from that is a flower page, with flower tops on buttons (and embroidered rain, which I love!). The next two pages are a counting page with beads and color shape balloons on velcro. And during the last couple pages there's an appearance by Valina's cat. :)

It's a super cute book and well worth the watch!


What's your name? Describe yourself in one sentence. 
My name is Valina, I´m 30 and I live in the Czech Republic.

Who did you make this quiet book for? How old are they? 
I made this book for my little daughter Sara. She is 17 months old, however the book is still quite advanced for her.

What's your level of sewing experience? 
This is my first sewing experience since the primary school.

How long did it take you? 
Approximately 30 days/ 1-2 hours a day (hand sewing).

Did you use any templates? Where can they be found? 
Not really. It´s mostly inspiration from the internet, but nothing specific.

How did you bind your quiet book? 
With key rings.

What material are the pages made out of? 
The whole book is made of felt.

What other materials did you use? 
Velcro, buttons, laces, studs.

How much did all the supplies cost you? 
About 10 EUR.

What's your favorite page? Why? 
My favorite is the page with tree and apples, because it´s been the first page I made and it made me believe I can finish the book and it can really look as I imagined it.​

Thank you so much for sharing your cute quiet book with us, Valina!

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  1. lovely quiet book, really liked the vegetable page. The cat at the end was priceless. Ok mum that enough of that, take notice of me!!!