Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nadia's Color Quiet Book

Last year I was able to share with you an awesome quiet book made by Nadia from the blog Basically Burt, and today I get to share another quiet book of hers with you!

Nadia recently made a colors-themed quiet book for her son. Many colors-themed quiet books are mostly touch-and-feel books, but Nadia wanted to add some activity to the book. To do so, she added pockets to each page and things that her son can color-match to the different colors. What a great idea! If I ever make a colors quiet book I think that I'll copy that idea. :) She also added a song about colors at the end, another really fun idea. So, enjoy Nadia's new book!


What's your name? Describe yourself in one sentence. 
My name is Nadia.I am a busy mum of one from Melbourne, Australia.

Who did you make this quiet book for? How old are they? 
I made this book for my son who is 18 months old. I had previously made a more elaborate quiet book but wanted something simple that he could begin to use now. I got inspiration from a color quiet book floating around on pinterest which has beautiful patchwork pages. I however wanted to add an activity to the book, which was when I though of color matching and putting things in bags (which are both activities my son loves at the moment).

What's your level of sewing experience? 
I am not a beginner, but am by no means an expert. I enjoy patchwork, quilting and have made a couple of quiet books previously.

How long did it take you?
This book was fairly quick to make. I made it over three days in nap times and at night. It probably took about 10 hours in total.

Did you use any templates? Where can they be found? 
I used no templates. I simply got my scraps of material and sewed them together until they were big enough to sew onto a double page.

How did you bind your quiet book? 
I simply sewed all the pages together down the center of the cover (and a couple of pages to each other).

What material are the pages made out of? 
The pages are made out of my scrap patchwork material, sewn together. These blocks are sewn onto a page which is made out of bedsheets a family member no longer wanted. The front cover is made out of fabric from an op shop.

What other materials did you use? 
I used organza drawstring bags to put the colored objects into (as I wanted something see through). I also used fusible interfacing to help attach the words and letters to the pages before sewing them. I used a fabric marker to write the words. The colored objects to match to each page are buttons and foam shapes that I found at a $2 shop.

How much did all the supplies cost you?
Given lots of my materials were second hand and scraps, this book cost very little. About $10 Australian all together.

What's your favorite page? Why?
Its hard to have a favorite, given that all the pages are the same. I do like the colors in the blue page!

To view Nadia's quiet book on her own blog, click here: Basically Burt: My Quiet Book.

Nadia, thank you so much for sharing your cute and smart colors quiet book with us!

Have you made a quiet book that you'd like to share? Click here for instructions on how to submit your own quiet book!

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