Monday, January 18, 2016

Ramya's No-Sew Quiet Book

Making a quiet book can be intimidating for a lot of people; if you haven't sewed anything before or if you think all the supplies will cost too much, it can be hard to get started. Ramya of the blog Ramya DIY, shows that this needn't be the case though. She created this quiet book with no sewing at all and all the supplies costing her only $7! How she did it was with a hot glue gun, felt, and foam sheets. She has so many cute pages that a child would love to play with. Enjoy!


What's your name? Describe yourself in one sentence. 
My name is Ramya, I am a stay-at-home-mom.

Who did you make this quiet book for? How old are they? 
I made this book for my one year old son.

What's your level of sewing experience? 

How long did it take you? 
It took me about 20 hours.

Did you use any templates? Where can they be found? 
No, I have used my own basic drawing skills.

How did you bind your quiet book? 
I used a mini hot glue gun and stuck al the page to the spine of the book cover.

What material are the pages made out of? 
They are made of felt.

What other materials did you use? 
I also used foam sheets alternatively with felt for the design on each page.

How much did all the supplies cost book? 
Including the mini hot glue gun it cost me just around $7.

What's your favorite page? Why? 
I love the outer space pages because I think I got all the elements and color co-ordination correct.

To see Ramya's quiet book on her own blog with more description, click here: Easy No-Sew Felt Quiet Book.

Ramya, thank you so much for sharing your creative quiet book with us!
Have you made a quiet book that you'd like to share? Click here for instructions on how to submit your own quiet book!

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